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Welcome to my website - thanks for dropping by! To learn more about me, scroll below.  For a full headshot/resume, click here.

Mason Van Gieson

is a New York-based actor/vocalist.  Raised on a small inland lake in southeast Michigan, Mason has always felt a deep interest in the imaginary within the natural world.  She is a question-asker, and her devotion to unearthing forgotten stories determined her path toward art, academia and activism.  She holds a passion both for the development of new works and reinterpretation of classic texts, with an eye for uplifting the voices that have been left in the margins. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan, with a BFA in Theatre Performance and a BA in Anthropology. Mason is also a bonafide a cappella nerd, and to her there is nothing quite like the human voice alone to convey a clear story.

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In addition to performing, Mason has served on the other side of the table, most recently working in development for veteran theatre and film producer John N. Hart.  Recent projects include THE SOUND INSIDE at Studio 54.

When not onstage, Mason can usually be found tucked into the corner of a coffee shop with a long historical fiction novel, listening to Janis Joplin and Brandi Carlile, engaging in community organizing, or doting shamelessly on her two cats, Ginger and Izzy :)

To learn more about Mason's experience and training, check out her full resume!

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